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4 Qualities You Really Need In A Mattress

If you are like most people your bed is probably the one piece of furniture you use more than any other piece you own. We spend, on average, about a third of our lives in bed. When you stop to think about this fact it sort of makes you wonder- why on Earth would anybody want to spend so much time in a bed that does not make them comfortable? Today we are going to look at four things you absolutely must have in a new mattress.  


4 Qualities You Really Need In A Mattress


First things first- forget about the silly marketing labors that just about every mattress maker will throw at you. What is the difference between Ultra-Firm and Super-Firm? Absolutely nothing! Despite what many manufacturers want you to believe, there are no industry definitions for such terms and, therefore, they are largely meaningless for you. The best course of action for you is to simply take some time to try out several mattresses for yourself. That doesn’t mean just lying down on a showroom bed for two minutes. You don’t sleep in five minute intervals, do you? You need to test that mattress for at least 15 – 20 minutes in order to see how your body feels laying on that mattress for a while. If the salesperson tries to pressure you about how long you’re taking then be ready to leave. The sale can’t happen until YOU say so and you are entitled to determine which product you want. Therefore the first quality you need in a mattress is comfort.


The second thing you need in a mattress is a foundation. A good box spring can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and looking like a cast member from a zombie flick. Most stores will offer some type of bundle for a matching box spring and a mattress but there is no reason why you can’t go with a less expensive one if you want. After all, once your sheets and comforters are on your bed who will know that the box spring doesn’t match? Just make sure it provides adequate support for the mattress. If you make a claim on a warranty, the manufacturer will probably deny it if the inspector sees you are using a box spring that does not adequately support the mattress.


The third quality a mattress needs to possess is material that best suits you. Right now memory foam beds are all the rage but did you know that they tend to retain heat and could become uncomfortably warm? There is also a weird smell from a memory foam bed that could be described as a bleach delivery truck colliding with a pharmacy. It can sometimes smell like chemicals and can be unpleasant. Beds with inner springs and waterbeds all have their own problems so it ultimately comes down to what you think is best for your situation.


The fourth thing a good mattress needs is a guarantee that you are comfortable with. You’ll need to shop around on this one because guarantees vary so widely from store to store. Some stores guarantees will be good for 10 years. Some will charge you a percentage of the purchase price or a stocking fee. Make certain you understand the terms before you agree to anything. Oh, and be sure to keep that little tag attached to the mattress that says, “Do Not Remove.” It turns out these companies are serious about that.


As you have probably noticed, the key to buying the best mattress is a very individual thing. What works for me probably will not work for you. Make sure you schedule enough time to make an educated purchase. Your bed will ideally last you for several years. It is not a decision you should make with only a couple of minutes of testing and research.

How To Beat Insomnia And Get A Good Night's Sleep

An average adult sleeps between six and eight hours each night. As people grow older sleeping problems become more frequent. According to some statistics, older women have much more problems like these compared to men. Regardless of your age, if you don’t sleep well you will feel tired and you will be in a bad mood. A good night’s sleep refreshes both the mind and the body. However, most of us have had periods in our lives when we had trouble sleeping. Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. Insomnia can be manifested in different forms – having trouble falling asleep, having trouble staying asleep, waking up too early and the inability to rest after dreaming. If left untreated, insomnia can lead to mood disorders, concentration disorders and it can ultimately affect performance at work and relations in the family. The good news is that insomnia can be eliminated.


How To Beat Insomnia And Get A Good Night's Sleep


First of all, there are some natural techniques that can help anyone have better sleep. Probably the most important thing is to have a suitable bed. Of course, the most important thing on the bed is the mattress. If your mattress is more than seven years old, you probably need a new one. Luckily, there are so many quality mattresses on the market so if you follow the guides to buying a new one, you can easily find a suitable mattress for you. You should get a mattress that provides good support but remember that you should not choose a mattress that feels too firm when you lay on it. While we are talking about the bedroom, keep in mind that you should take care of the temperature in the bedroom. The bedroom also needs to be quiet and dark. You can always use eye masks and earplugs. The walls and the furniture should have pleasant and warm colors but not too bright colors.


You should avoid smoking or eating big meals one or two hours before you go to bed. Don’t do anything that will increase your blood pressure before you decide to go to bed – drinking beverages that contain caffeine, watching disturbing movies, intensive exercises or read disturbing books. If you can’t fall asleep for half an hour after you’ve gone to bed, get up and do something that doesn’t require much energy until you start to feel sleepy. Another good piece of advice is to get up and go to sleep at approximately the same time each day. 


Many people have confirmed that herbal teas help them when they face insomnia. Celery seeds tea and valerian tea are known natural remedies for insomnia. You should take them before you go to sleep. You can also have one more cup of tea if you wake up in the middle of the night and you have trouble falling asleep again. Many people also find some relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to be helpful when it comes to insomnia.


As you can see insomnia is a medical condition that can be cured, you just need to be persistent and the results will come. 

Why Not All Mattresses Are Created Equal

When you are looking for a new mattress to buy, you will see that there are so many different kinds out there you may get confused. There is a reason for that because all mattresses are different from each other. Here are some reasons why mattresses differ from each other.


Why Not All Mattresses Are Created Equal


One major reason mattresses are different from each other is because certain mattresses are catered to people who like a stiffer or softer tension to sleep on. Some people like a firmer surface because it supports certain parts of the body so they wake up less sore and more refreshed. The reverse can be said for softer mattresses because people like to sink in and have a fully supported back. It all depends on the person.


All mattresses are made with different materials and those different materials will appeal to different types of people. Some have a wide variety of materials without springs or there are the mattresses that have the old fashioned springs. Some are made with a lot of technology and there are some that rely on solid materials without any electronics on the inside. Again, materials will make a big difference in how much you want to pay for a mattress.


Lastly, mattresses sometimes advertise they help with certain aches and pains and they can help support different parts of the body. Well, you want to make sure it supports the sections of your body that you feel are supported. You cannot go by what a manufacturer says, you want to ensure it fits your body type before you dive in and buy it.


Unfortunately, buying a new mattress can be difficult because mattresses can be very different from each other. You want to make sure that you are getting the mattress that fits you and your sleeping patterns and sleep position the best. Also, don’t take what the manufacturer says 100%, you are the best judge for that, so choose wisely and sleep better.

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