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Your Sleep Position Can Be Affecting Your Sleep

You might think that sleeping in any position won’t have any impact on your health, but unfortunately it seems that such a thing is not true at all. Aside from the fact that you won’t sleep better if you are in specific positions, they can also impact your health in a bad manner, and that is something that you need to avoid the best way you can.




Sleeping on the back is great because it can help you rest a lot better, yet the main issue here is that snoring can be a major problem, as back sleepers are known to be some of the major snorers. If that is not a problem and you sleep alone, it’s great, but such issues can affect social relationships.


The starfish position can also be a great way to sleep, but you will most of the time feel a lot of pain in your arms, something that you want to avoid if possible. Nerve issues in the hand area can be very bad for sure, but at the end of the day what matters the most is for you to sleep in a position that offers a lot of comfort and that could be it!


Sleeping in the fetal position can bring in some snoring issues as well, not to mention that it can also be quite bad if you are pregnant. Men sleeping in this position mostly have to deal with heavy snoring.


Sleeping on your side places a lot of pressure on your body and this is why avoiding this particular position is a very good idea. Make sure that you avoid sleeping on the side unless that is truly necessary, as the outcome can be very bad.


Sleeping on the left side is offering bad issues because it will most of the time cause heart problems. It might not seem like a major issue at first, but the reality is that a lot of health problems can appear this way, so avoiding such a thing is a very good idea.


On the other hand, sleeping with the face down can usually lead to back pain. It might not sound like a bad thing at first, but in time the issues can harden and you will surely find yourself dealing with a wide range of situations that you do not want to expect.


Remember that sleeping properly is important; however the sleep position can indeed affect you. It all comes down to how you can address the situation, but experimenting and finding the right sleep position will obviously do the best trick all the time. It’s amazing what experimentation can offer in this regard, so keep that in mind and you will not be disappointed!

How To Adjust Your Body Temperature When Sleeping

For many of us, getting a good night sleep is far from an easy task. Many factors can contribute to this including stress, anxiety, underlying medical problems etc. But many don't know that temperature is essential when it comes to sleeping. Our body’s core temperature lowers when we begin to fall asleep and this is why we need blankets in order to stay asleep and comfortable. If you are having trouble sleeping, or wake in the night for no real reason, it may be the temperature of your bed or your room. The wrong temperature can seriously affect the quality of your REM sleep rapid eye movement, the part of sleep that is the deepest, and the part in which you dream. This can mean that even if you manage to stay asleep, when you wake you will be far from rested. 




There is no optimum temperature for everyone as everyone's body is different. But there are ways that you can adjust your temperature as needed when sleeping.


For those who find their bed too cold there are some obvious answers. You can turn up the thermostat, wear socks or long pajamas. For people who can't stand a sweaty bed you can avoid those things and also avoid memory foam pillows and mattresses. They are comfortable but can increase your temperature.


However if you are part of a couple that cannot agree on what temperature the bedroom should be, there may be a solution. Followed by general tossing and turning, temperature is the most complained about bedroom problem for couples. Mattress manufacturers have started to come up with ways to combat this problem. Most high level brands now have mattresses that can regulate your temperature. There are more high tech options for those who find the bedroom too hot, as those who find it too cold have more low tech options like more blankets and clothes to wear.


For those of you interested in high tech there are multiple options for you. With methods that range from water filled pads that circulate cooling water through the mattress, to a layer that lies under the fitted sheets and helps regulate temperature. This particular method is quite pricy as it comes with two remote controls and fan assisted heating and cooling units.


Many of these methods can seem pricey but when it comes to a happy relationship and a good night’s rest, the result is really priceless. 

Power Naps Can Increase Your Productivty

Taking power naps have been proven to be important for health reasons and can be very beneficial. Studies have shown that by taking about a twenty minute power nap it can not only rejuvenate a person’s mind, but also help you to feel more energetic throughout the day. Short cat naps aren’t the only thing someone can stand to benefit from however; further research has shown that longer cat naps are just as beneficial when you sleep for roughly thirty minutes to an hour. By going in to a deeper sleep you’re allowing your memory to be better as well as able to focus better.




Your body needing and being able to rest isn’t the only thing that benefits from having a power nap. In fact your brain can store and process information better when you seek the benefits of a cat nap. Lack of sleep has been a vast cause behind accidents both on the road when people are attempting to drive and at work. Lack of sleep literally impairs not only your ability to process information or store it, but also cognitive functions. While this may shock some people it is even recommended that a cup of caffeinated beverage of choice can be just as beneficial before you wind down for that cat nap. In fact, because it takes thirty minutes to absorb in your body and give you that desired energy boost by the time you fall asleep and wake up again, you’ll feel energetic and a whole lot better.


For those who experience trouble sleeping or need a little help falling asleep cat naps are a great way to catch up on a bit of rest. Furthermore, there are even foods that promote sleep in a more natural and healthy manner that give you the opportunity to spend more time resting and less time fighting to fall asleep.




This white cheese produces a type of amino acid that causes your body to produce larger quantities of serotonin. As we all know, its serotonin is what our body’s produce naturally to help us feel sleepy.




For those who enjoy fish this is some great news and even for those who aren’t so fond of it, they can supplement with Omega-3 supplements. Studies have proven that for those who ingest a larger amount of Omega 3’s, they stay asleep longer through the night and aren’t as likely to wake up so frequently resulting in a better night’s sleep.




Another smart food that helps promote melatonin in your body, it also has been shown to relax the mind and body which is helpful when you’re trying to sleep.


Whether you’re able to catch a few extra minutes of sleep with a cat nap or looking to promote sleep with some super foods hiding out in your kitchen, it stands that we can all benefit from a bit of extra sleep. Find someone where quiet and cozy, and cat nap to better help your body help you. 

Your Bed Could Be Making You Sick

Sleep is a really great thing, it’s how we recharge our energy, it’s how we rest, and it’s how we escape from the real world into our dreams. It’s recommended that people sleep eight or nine hours everyday in order to be fully recharged, for your energy to be restored and for you to be ready for the next day.


That’s why it’s ironic that in the very place where you are supposed to rest and heal you could actually be getting sick. Your mattress could actually be making you sick, not only that but it’s shown that people in today’s world on average sleep 30 percent less than is recommended. This can lead to you getting sick too.


Your bed could be weakening your spinal column and giving you back pain. This happens when the mattress fails to properly hold your hips up which forces your back muscles to work overtime in your sleep to keep your body in proper position; the thing that should be holding you up could be letting you down. Make sure you have a good firm mattress which ideally supports your body. The back pain you get during the day could also be from chronic muscle pain, pain which can be experienced all over the rest of the body as well because the mattress fails to properly relive our pressure points during sleep.


Not only do these pressure points cause pain during the day time but they also end up having the circulation to the skin cut off due to improper support, this leads to a lot of tossing and turning during sleep which means that your body doesn’t get as much to recharge as it really needs.


The next way that your mattress could be making you sick is because it off gases toxic chemicals which the mattress is made of. Most, if not all mattresses are made with fire retardant chemicals to keep the mattress from burning, this is often in combination with chemicals which are used to make the mattress water proof or water resistant. Many of these chemicals can cause serious respiratory illnesses and worst of all there are many known carcinogens in these fire retardant chemicals; yes that’s right, your mattress could actually slowly be causing you cancer.


Your mattress also is a great place for the buildup of allergens such as mites, fungi, pet dander, and other known allergens; these will build up in the mattress over time and only keep getting worse and worse which will make your allergies worse, and if you don’t have allergies it could cause them to develop, that along with asthma if you’re really unlucky.


So, not only can your mattress actually hurt your body and make you ill in a variety of ways but if you’re not getting enough sleep because of your mattress it could very well lead to an increase risk of obesity, stroke, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases. The fact of the matter is that you need to get more than enough sleep and it needs to happen on a proper mattress!

Importance Of Keeping Your Bedding Clean

Cleanliness is next to Godliness; this is a well-known saying. The same is true for our general surroundings. Because we spend a considerable amount of time in bed sleeping, relaxing, not to mention all the other activities that we do; the general rule of personal hygiene, as it relates to our bodies, is also true for our beds. We need to ensure our bed is kept as clean as possible.




What grows on our bed linens?


Whether you live in a tropical climate or in a country where the temperature is cooler, we need to change our linen. Our beds attract dust mites, dust, dead skin from our bodies, which the dust mites feed on, and then they leave their droppings in our bed. Not very good! There is also sweat and any other bodily fluids that may be released on the bed linens, also pet dander, mold, and even pollens.  These will cause us to develop allergies, skin rashes, eczemas, asthma and lowered immune system, which will be costly to treat if we are not careful in how clean we keep our beds. Our beds are really more dangerous than the cars we drive daily.


Choosing the right bed linens:


Because of the many bothersome and uninvited visitors that may come in our beds, our choice of linen is important. Cotton sheets; though cooler in summer and feels good against the skin does not repel many of the annoying pests in our bed. Silk maybe a bit pricey, but if you can afford them then go for it. What I would recommend buying are some bamboo fiber bed linens. These will repel the dust mites because of the natural repellant that is present in the fabric. Bamboo bed linens also have an exceptional wicking ability that keeps the moisture or sweat from the skin. This also keeps the sheets drier than cotton. It is light weight and eco-friendly; so going green is a plus when buying these bamboo linens.


Washing your bed linens:


Washing bed linen regularly is very important. If you are in the habit of doing your linen laundry once per month, this is a no-no. Because of the many harmful elements that are present in our beds, the recommended time to wash your linen is once per week. This will ensure our beds are as clean as possible. Washing our pillows is also a must, which is recommended to be done twice per year; our pillows attract molds, dust and other allergens that will cause us to become ill. Warm water washes are good and using a dryer is also recommended, unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer. Line drying is great, as the wonderful heat from the sun is a very good way to ensure fresh, crisp sheets after washing.


A child’s bed needs more attention, as their skin is a lot more delicate than adults. Their linen must be washed every day. Taking care of the elderly as it relates to their bedding is also important; especially if they are bedridden, then more attention and care need to be placed on them.

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