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Should We Let Our Pets Sleep With Us?

Animals have been sleeping with humans since ancient times. According to some statistics, about half of pet owners let their pets sleep with them. Many people don’t see any kind of problem to let their pets relax on their bedding. However, the increased number of allergies and diseases that originate from animals made many people wondering whether they should let their pets sleep together with them or not. The truth is that there is no universal answer to this question because this practice has its own advantages and disadvantages.






To start with, you are probably aware of the pets’ ability to reduce stress in humans. We are living in a world where most people live fast-paced lives and the level of stress in ordinary people is higher than ever. This means that we need to grab every opportunity to get rid of stress. A simple petting of your dog, cat or other animal can increase the production of hormones that lead to reduction of stress and prevent the level of hormones that produce stress. Sleeping with your pet during the night has a similar effect. In addition, if you let your pet to stay in your bed you will get the chance to improve the bond.


Speaking generally, most animals have more developed senses compared to humans and this is especially true for cats and dogs. If something suspicious is going on around your house or apartment your pet will surely warn you. This means that they will enhance the feeling of security while you are sleeping.


In case you share your bed with your cat or dog during the winter period, they will make you feel more comfortable because they will help you maintain the temperature in your bed during the cold winter nights.


Finally, if your pet sleeps with you then it won’t be able to make problems in the other parts of your apartment or house. If they are tucked in well they won’t be able to damage your furniture or make some other shenanigans.




One of the main reasons why most pet owners don’t let their pets sleep on the bed is because of the fact that no matter how clean our pets are they will always bring some dirt and dust in the bed. Just think about what your pet will absorb if it is walked in the park or your cat when it used the litter box for few times. These particles will enter the bedding and the mattress and it will be very difficult to clean them. In addition, some people have allergies that can be worsened if they sleep together with their pets. Pets leave hair and dandruff on the bedding and mattresses during the night and they can lead to some unpleasant allergic reactions.


Another reason why some people avoid these situations is the fact that once their pets get used to this routine it is really hard to stop this habit in the future. 


It is up to you to analyze these advantages and disadvantages and see which option is the right for you.




Top Things To Look For When Buying A New Mattress

Buying a new mattress represents a major investment, one which will greatly impact a person’s quality of life over the years to come, so we all strongly desire to make the right choice when picking out a new mattress. There is, however, a bewildering array of choices to work through different mattress sizes, materials, price points, and so on so if you venture out mattress shopping without doing some planning beforehand, you're liable to feel a bit lost. To help simplify the process of shopping for a new mattress, consider the following list of “mattress must haves”. Above all else, your mattress needs:









Getting proper support from your mattress is vital; sleeping in a poor position will result in less restful sleep, backaches, headaches, and possibly even injuries. Make sure that your whole body feels supported by the mattress, and that the natural curve of your back is not disrupted when lying on it. (Always lay down on a mattress for a few minutes while at the store; don't be self-conscious! This is the only way to properly test a mattress.)



The comfort level that is right for you:



Which type of mattress will provide the kind of ideal support described above tends to vary by individual; your weight and unique body shape will ultimately determine whether a soft, firm, or medium-soft mattress is best for you. Avoid falling for common “mattress myths”, such as that a firmer mattress is always better for your back. (Just because a mattress feels very firm, does not mean its providing ideal support if a mattress feels firm to the point of being uncomfortable, it's not the right one for you!) Likewise, the “more cushioning is always better” philosophy is equally untrue.



Space for you (and your partner):



Make sure you have room to stretch out; most people change positions at least a few times during the night, so a mattress that just barely fits you will not be comfortable. This is especially true if you sleep with someone else make sure that you both have adequate stretch room.



Quality construction:



Mattresses are costly as a general rule, so it's natural to eye the cheapest options available. This, however, is a bad idea: A mattress which does not “wear” well due to shoddy construction may quickly become lumpy and uncomfortable, even if it felt perfect when you bought it. Most people keep their mattresses for at least 7 years, so invest in one that's built to last.



A matching box spring:



Remember that mattresses bear a fair bit of weight nightly, and as such, if they are not properly supported from underneath, they will wear unevenly and become lumpy, uncomfortable, or damaged prematurely. Don't simply reuse your old box spring if it is not a perfect fit.


Does The Thickness Of Your Mattress Matter?

One of the things that we get asked quite a lot is if the thickness of a mattress matter or not, as many people are concerned by this when they purchase a new mattress. If you browsed the mattress offerings on the market, then you might have found out that there is a trend with newer mattresses, as they tend to become thicker and deeper at the same time. Of course, the thicker the mattress, the more expensive it is.





However, is a thick mattress good for us? Based on the public perception, the way mattresses are made is very important, but the thickness is not that important. To be honest, this is true, because the manufacturing process is important as it shows you how much care went into the creation of the product and how much usefulness you can get out of it. At the same time however, thickness is also important, but this is where the public perception tends to be wrong.


Simply put, you need to get a mattress thick enough to support two adults, but nothing more than that. The thicker the mattress, the more space it requires and it’s harder to maintain, so you don’t have to go with the thicker mattresses unless you are overweight.


Yes, weight is the most important factor when you are choosing the thickness of the mattress, but there are other factors that you need to take into account as well. For example, you also need to think about how many people will stay in your bed, what do you do in your bed during the day for example (as there are people who sit in the bed all the time or work as freelancers from their bed). These are also great factors to take into consideration when you get a new mattress.


The thickness of the mattress also matters because thick mattresses are bound to increase your overall body temperature, and this just leads to a ton of issues all the time. It also generates more heat while sleeping, so it can create sleep discomfort.


However, the thickness of a mattress comes down to the personal choice and how you feel. You need to select the mattress based on the comfort that it provides, because the thickness is not that big of a deal to begin with. It can be anything from 6 to 14 inches, depending on how well you feel while sitting on it.


To sum up, the thickness of your mattress is crucial, so it is very important for you to make sure that you find the one which you like. If you do want a good thickness to go by, somewhere between 8-11 inches is usually the best choice, but it’s up to you to select this, because if you want a thicker mattress that’s ok!

Top Sleeping Habits To Promote Productivity

Being productive at work is something that we all want, however there are many situations in which our body will not be able to rest and because of that we won’t get the desired results. This can be an unfortunate thing, yet thankfully there are solutions that we can use in order to obtain the desired results at all times.




Use caffeine in the morning:


Many of us drink coffee during the night, but this can lead to some very bad results. The main idea here is that you need to use coffee/caffeine in the morning, because during the night this can hamper with your sleep and lead to sleep deprivation. And since this is something you want to avoid at all costs, then avoid consuming any caffeine at least 6 hours before sleeping.


Have a healthy diet:


If you want to be productive the next day, then you need to eat healthy. You can do this by consuming a healthy set of nutrients, something that will help you a lot. Also, the time when you eat is also important, as we recommend you to eat more than 3-4 hours before you sleep, because the stomach will be active during the night and cause you to have sleep issues. Moreover, another good idea is to stay hydrated during the day otherwise the body will crave for water in order to maintain the body functions at a normal level.


Environment control:


A good way to make sure that you sleep better is to avoid having too much light into your bedroom, and just control the environment a lot better, as this will help. Also, promote either silence or white noise, depending on what makes you sleep better.


Create a routine:


This is by far the most efficient way you can promote a good sleep pattern. Waking up at a certain hour and going to sleep in the same fashion is very useful for the human body. Try to avoid oversleeping though, as this is not ok at all. Creating a routine will help you with the circadian rhythm as this will regulate it and provide numerous other benefits as well, so creating a habit is well worth it.


Loosen stress before going to bed:


Watch a movie, play a game, talk with a friend that will make you feel better, or just do something you love. All of these combined will provide you with a way to loosen up stress, and this is indeed something you want to do.


Wake up with a sense of purpose:


Let’s face it, when you wake up you need motivation, so try to motivate yourself as this will help you quite a lot in determining and creating your daily schedule. Remember that nothing is more important than your performance at work, so focus on that.


These sleeping habits have to be included in your schedule as they are very helpful and they will just provide you with the incentives you need. Remember, the most important thing is to create a great and relaxing place to sleep, because once you do that you will feel a lot better and fully rested!

Fall Back In Love With Sleep

Why is lacking sleep a huge pain? For starters; your body needs to rest so that it can heal and rejuvenate after a long hard day. Scientists have successfully linked the lack of sleep to heart disease, ADHD, Post-Traumatic Syndrome, Autism and Obesity among various health issues.


In a minimum; your body deserves a decent seven hours of sleep every night. Today we discuss a few ways that you can use to fall back in love with sleep:



Look at things that Disrupt your sleep cycle:


A full bladder is one main complaint people have. The idea of waking up in the night to relieve your self can make one lose sleep. Well, if you didn’t know; it's best that you know the light is likely to cause the same effect.


Digital clocks with LED emitted lights are the worst. They emit frequencies that negatively impact your circadian rhythm. Dispose of all electronic devices from the bedroom. Make sure it's pitch dark when you turn into sleep.


Rest and support your body


Your bedroom should be a sleep haven. Never should it be a place where you work, watch television or get distracted. See to it that the evening translates to a path to sleep. Achieve this goal by lowering stimulation after having dinner.


Be careful of what you watch on television and stop watching shoes which evoke a strong response in your nervous system. After lunch; do not partake in any caffeine. Before retiring to bed; empty your bladder.


Warm Water


Before turning in; drink a glass of warm water or milk. If your kidneys are healthy and working correctly; your bladder will not be over stimulated, and you will be able to sleep without any problem. A glass of milk will work too.




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